Reflections from Alumni Activists

Reflections from Alumni Activists
Wednesday, April 28th
12-1:30 pm
Dr. Joseph White Conference Room
Brought to you by the Cross-Cultural Center


A part of The DECONSTRUCTION Series 2010

Panelists will include:

William “Tambuzi” Carroll ’74

A sophomore transfer into UCI, “Tambuzi” was one of the founding members of the Cross Cultural Center in 1974. Tam worked with Relations with Schools as a campus tours coordinator and with Special Services as a tutor, peer counselor and program consultant while an undergraduate. In graduate school, Tam served with Relations with School/EOP as the first Student Affirmative Action Outreach Officer for the campus.

Ramón Muñoz  ‘74

Having transferred to UCI in 1972, and serving as chair of MEChA from 1972-74, Ramon was involved with efforts to save EOP, pressuring the university to hire more Chicano faculty and staff, to increase the number of Chicano students, and to create a comfortable environment on campus.

Ross Romero ‘82

Serving as M.E.C.h.A co-chair from 1979-1980 and 1981-82, Ross was one of the founders of La Voz Mestiza Newspaper in 1979, and a member of the coalition to save EOP. Ross also participated in the struggle to have a full-time Director at the CCC, the struggle for Affirmative Action programs, and the struggle to have funding for minority programs on campus.

Michelle Ko ‘94

Michelle, APSA Chair in 1992-1993, was an active student leader during the 1991 E.S.C.A.P.E. movement at UCI, which pushed for the implementation of ethnic studies programs at UCI.  In 1993, Michelle also helped lead a 35-day rotational hunger strike in an effort to secure more faculty for the Asian American studies program as well as an additional staff member for the Cross-Cultural Center.

Part of one of APSA’s APIHM events, Reflections from Alumni Activists will have an APSA Chair Alum, Michelle Ko as one of the panelists!

FREE food will also be provided!

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