Bryan Ngo
Major Developmental and Cellular Biology
Age 21
Year 4th
Hometown Basel, Switzerland
“To inspire is to be inspired.”
Is what Bryan Ngo believes through everything he does. To him, everyone around him inspires him especially his research mentors, friends, and family. Day in and day out he is a humble soul who is grateful for all the learning opportunities he has encountered especially with the Wen-Hwa Lee lab where he has been investigating the mechanics of cancer tumorigenicty for the past 3 years.
Bryan is currently the ASUCI Legislative Council School of Biological Sciences Representative and has continued to connect administration and students to improve relations. He has also created a biology course titled “Biology of Cancer” (Bio 25) that specifically caters towards non-majors.
He is also an associate editor and scientific journalist for the Journal of Young Investigators, an international undergraduate peer-review science journal funded and supported by the National Science Foundation. He is a strong advocate in promoting scientific literacy and for outreach programs. He has been working on a UCI sponsored science outreach program specifically towards high school students and hopes that this will engage more students in of its many wonders and possibilities.
Past UC Irvine, Bryan is a clinical care extender at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, California where he engages with patients diagnosed with cancer undergoing treatment. Modestly, he knew that although he wasn’t curing the cancer at that immediate moment in time, he “realizes the importance of human interaction and stimulation during the recovery process. This only reemphasizes the necessity of human inspiration to keep spirits and hopes high.”

Fundraisers on his free time. One example would be his efforts in helping the victims of the 2004 Tsunami that swept through Southeast Asia. He hosted and organized this benefit raising $7,500 through a charity dodgeball tournament. This amount was matched by a private organization to raise $15,000. After, Bryan was also awarded the California Humanitarian award.
Of this year he hopes to have published 3 papers in international scientific/medical journals and after college he plans to take a year off and do more research at the lab. Soon after, he plans to apply for his MD/PhD which includes the medical training of a doctor with the rigor of a scientific researcher.

His favorite candies are sour watermelon and gummy bears. His favorite animals are animals that are black and white like penguins, raccoons, and pandas. The one weakness he has is strawberries. His infatuation started as a child when he was in grade school when he gave his teacher strawberry jam because he thought everyone loved strawberries as much as he did.
One of the last things I will leave you with that I think Bryan sincerely believes in is that “science rules.”
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One Response to TOP 30: BRYAN NGO

  1. Theresa McCloskey says:

    Congratulations on your major accomplishments.

    The McCloskeys, California

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