Michael Q. Nguyen
“As long as you’re doing something for good, that’s all that really matters.”

Majors Public Health Policy and Biological Sciences
Minors Political Science, Conflict Resolution, Educational Studies, Russian Studies, Russian Language
, Civic and Community Engagement
Age 21
Year 4th
Hometown Los Angeles, CA

I asked Michael Q. Nguyen what inspires him to do everything that he does and that quote couldn’t have summed it up any better. This is the guy that double majors, has six minors, works a job in Los Angeles, is a commissioner for Santa Ana, frequently goes to Las Vegas for fun with his friends while still having time to get a full nights rest. Sometimes I think he secretly has a twin, if not a clone of him somewhere out there because I just don’t know how he does it!

Ben Franklin’s quote “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” no doubtedly reflects Michael Q. Nguyen’s focus on all contributions through education. Not only does he have 2 majors and 6 minors, he is quite involved on our UC Irvine campus and community.
Michael started his involvement even before the start of the school year with the first year of  Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute which gave incoming students a head start on being acquainted with different opportunities on our campus.  As an active Public Health student, Michael has participated in various internships at the Public Health Center, including a mentoring program and working for the Air Pollution and Birth Outcome studies and as a Teaching Assistant for the Faculty of the College of Medicine, as well as very quickly getting involved with the Associated Student of UC Irvine (ASUCI). He is currently the longest serving member of ASUCI Legislative Council representing the College of Health Sciences, he has been proactive in advocating on behalf of the students interest not only at the UCI level but also on the state level in Sacramento. He’s also apart of the Vice Chair of the Finance Committee, and in previous years as Vice Chair of the Public Information Committee, and on the Special Committee for Campus-wide Green Sustainability. While on Chancellor Michael V. Drake’s Leadership Council for three years, he has exemplified his interest in mediating conflicts as well as bridging the gap between students and administration. In the near future he still wants to focus on bringing access and affordability for all students.
He is currently the City Commissioner, Library Board of Trustees Member for the Santa Ana District.
include: Club Outreach Commission, ASUCI Office of the President Student Lobbyist, ASUCI Executive Vice President, 4 years UCI Foundation, Inaugural Student Board Member Finance Committee, Vice-Chair Public Information Committee, Vice-Chair Sustainability Committee, Student Programming Funding Board Member, Office of the Dean of Students – Disability Services Center Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), UCI California Epsilon Chapter, the National Health Pre-professional Honor Society Alumnus, and the Conflict Resolution Program in the  School of Social Sciences.
For fun he goes snowboarding and takes trips to Las Vegas. He’s also a boyscout. He used to be an adviser at the Red Cross. For work, he is a publicity director at an entertainment company in LA, Variety. He also thinks that it’s important for student to know their resources and through these opportunities he’s taken classes all over California including UC Berkeley and UC Los Angeles. Finally, someday he would like to be the Surgeon General of the United States (watch out Regina!).
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