Eric Ly
Major Earth and Environmental Science & Social Ecology
Age 21
Year 4th
Hometown Hacienda Heights, CA
Find Eric On
Twitter juz2real

I met Eric Ly through Circle K our first year and since then he has moved on to be a Center for Service in Action Intern, ASUCI Student Program Funding Board At-Large Representative, Community Service Funding Board Member, Circle K International at UCI Board Member, Administrative Intern, Policy Secretary at the Office of the Student Regent and ASUCI Legislative Council Representative. He is often seen as the behind the curtains person that guides and helps other student leaders on campus. Such people include our UC Student Regent Designate, Jesse Cheng who can proudly say, ” Eric Ly is the advisor, consultant, support, and secret weapon of at least 5 other Asian Americans on this list.” Modestly influencing others, Eric Ly is a caring individual and friend where any free time he has he dedicates to building trust and a better understanding of campus dynamics. Jesse Cheng also mentions that Eric has a strong foundational knowledge in “leadership development to state governmental advocacy, from community building to constitutional and budget analysis.” He is an “amazing student and active citizen” for our campus says Elaine Won as he is a ”great model of a conscious and understanding individual.”

ED: What is your motivation?
EL: My motivation in being a student leader at the UCI campus is to help develop a better campus climate and enable the student body to succeed in their endeavors by providing them the resources to succeed.  I ran for Legislative Council Representative to represent the student body that I felt that wasn’t adequately represented in ASUCI, where I have utilized to constantly encourage more students to get involved in their community.  I am also motivated in seeing the personal and leadership growth in fellow students, which is why I am interested in pursuing a career in Student Affairs or Higher Education Public Policy.

ED: What have you accomplished?
EL: I have helped many student organizations and leaders get the proper resources to create programs and develop their leadership to properly outreach to the community and being an effective leader.  I also feel like I have helped develop future leaders for the UCI community through my various leadership roles at UCI.

ED: What is your passion?
EL: My passion is to help all student organizations and leaders to get the proper resources to develop themselves and outreach to the community and encouraging others to be civically engaged.  I also am passion about the vision of Higher Education and plan on preserving the values of the California Higher Education Master Plan and values of the University of
California system.

ED: What have you done for the Asian/Pacific Islander American community?
EL: I first ran for ASUCI Legislative Council to properly represent the API community on Legislative Council because I felt like there weren’t enough API representing the student body.  I also feel like I have supported and provided various resources to many API student organizations and allowed them to thrive.

ED: What do you hope to accomplish?
EL: I hope to work in the University of California system after I receive a masters in Student Affairs or Higher Education Policy to help the future students be involved in their community and ensuring their educations aren’t compromised due to affordability, accessibility, and quality.
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