Kristy Li
her energy is infectious
Major Studio Art
Age 21
Year 4th
Hometown Chino Hills, CA
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Dear Kristy,
For as long as I’ve known you, your dedication to your friends, family and Chinese Association has never faltered. You’ve always stuck by them through thick and thin and finally here are just a few sincere moments from their heart to yours.
– She’s incredibly down to earth and easy-going, always willing to help out others before herself.
– She is an amiable person.
– She’s committed! If there’s any proof, it’s how long she’s been in CA and how hard she’s worked to keep it one of the best clubs on campus.
– She always gets things done, even if sometimes they might come just before the deadline, she finds a way to finish it despite how busy her schedule is.
– She’s very patient and capable at problem-solving; even when things are going bad, she’ll find a way to fix the situation and keep calm while doing so.
– She’s a leader! I mean, she’s president, after all. She might come off as goofy, but when it comes down to business she knows how to let direct people to what they need to be doing, and she does it all while still maintaining her friendliness.
– She is someone that you can connect with very easily and she’s one of a kind when it comes to her leadership skills. She can get things done and still be chill about it.
– Kristy Li is one of those people that genuinely want others to be happy and appreciate the things we have a tendency to take for granted. Her kindness and cheerfulness are contagious as she takes you on adventures in your very own backyard.
– An altruistic person with the will of an idealist and the heart of a child.
– Kristy has an uncanny ability to see a goodness in people no matter how unapparent it is to everyone else.
– Kristy Li’s best attributes are her incredible determination and loyalty. Kristy often is piled under immense pressure, and although swearing throughout, she always gets the job done. Kristy will always help you out, especially when you need it most. On top of that, she’ll give you a ride home and make you a mix CD of your favorite songs.
– She’s generous.
– Kristy is one of the most patient person I know.
– She is always is willing to help out others.
– She is very dependable.
– She is a great person to talk to when you are feeling down.
– She is always open minded to ideas.
– Kristy Li is one of the most selfless people I know. She will go out of her way to help any person.
– She really works through the hard times and doesn’t complain.
– Whenever I am around Kristy I can’t help but feel that I am infected with positivity and energy.
– I know I won’t be bored when Kristy’s around.
– She takes care of her friends unconditionally.
– I am envious of her pretty singing voice.
– She isn’t afraid to throw herself into things.
– Her artwork shows her cute side.
– She is hard working and puts others before herself.
– High ambitions.
– Self-motivated.
– Energetic, and her personality is infectious.
– Optimistic.

Kristy Li has devoted herself to the Chinese Association (CA) for basically her entire college career and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She went from being Publicity Coordinator her second year, Internal Vice President her third year and finally President this year while playing a vital role in many different aspects of CA like playing all kinds of sports, being a props master for Culture Nights, and being a mentor to her board. Here are her thoughts about the love of her life.

ED: So CA is the love of your life?
KL: CA is my boyfriend, my significant other. It’s taught me a lot and it has really shaped who I have become today.

ED: What’s your favorite part of CA?
KL: The people and the opportunities are my favorite parts. With people it’s more about the chance of meeting people with a common interest, the energy they bring and the willingness to meet others. For opportunities it’s about all the different parts of CA people get involved through for example in Track and Field Intramurals, it finally gave me a reason to work out and with Culture Night Dance, I would have never done it without CA.

ED: What have you learned from CA?
KL: I learned how to be more open with people. Through working on board, communication is key and that when something comes up, to tell someone. I’ve learned that taking initiative is always important but even more so is learning how to not take up all the workload but to distribute.

ED: What will you miss?
KL: I’ll miss being busy. I know that sometimes it doesn’t show but CA has been my hobby for the past 4 years and I’ll miss doing this all the time.

ED: What are your motivations?
KL: For Publicity Coordinator and Internal Vice President, friends motive me. As President I wanted to do it for the new comers and share with them what a great time I’ve had and hopefully be a motivation for others to continue what we’ve started.

ED: How do you feel about CA’s involvement with the Asian American community?
KL: Collectively as a board this year we’ve actually tried to network a lot more with our community especially with the Census and the Organization of Chinese Americans. We’ve branched out especially to the Asian American population and to a lot of the other Asian campus organizations. Through reaching out to other clubs, everyone knows each other a little better. Through helping each other it has made me even more aware about certain Asian American issues on our campus and I wouldn’t have felt so strongly as I do now if it weren’t for our community.

ED: What do you think you’ll be leaving behind?
KL: I hope I was able to emphasize the importance of communication especially on a personal level. I try to be there for my board as much as possible. I hope that I’ve been there enough for them and that I’ve worked hard enough that they would follow my example so that I would earn their respect.

ED: What is your goal?
KL: It’s vague but my life goal is to do as much as I can and learn about as many different things that I can about anything and everything.

ED: Any last inspirational thoughts?
KL: To board, it was amazing working with everyone and there is nothing I regret. I hope I was a good leader to you all even though I act childish sometimes. Overall, there’s a lot to be proud of this year and thank you for everything and sticking through with me. Keep on chugging, do what you do best, and smile.
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