Kristen Wong
blobs from tomo space
Major Asian American Studies & International Studies
Age 21
Year 4th
Hometown San Jose, CA
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You’ve probably seen Taro and Tomoko bouncing all over our Anteater walls as Tomo No Kai’s friendly mascots but when you least expect it, beware! Now as the representative and face of Tomo, Kristen Wong gives back and dedicates her unwavering duty to the organization that brought her best friends, lost lasting experiences and surprises. She started getting involved after her good friend from back home Jerry Knaack nudged her this way to play for their sports teams. Soon after during her second year she became the Sports Coordinator playing softball, basketball, volleyball and founded the co-ed outdoor volleyball tournament for UCI and the intercollegiate Japanese American communities. For her third year she did skit and was Jodaiko’s unofficial photographer. Finally as for her fourth year she became President and Culture Night co-coordinator.

Who is Kristen?
“I’d like to think I’m a passionate person. I make the best of it and I’d hope for others to be attached to Tomo as well. I love Tomo No Kai. Everyone is so amazing. They’re my family, my home. This is where I made my closest friends.” Her ethnicity comes up once in a while as she isn’t Japanese but she heads the Japanese organization on our campus. In regards to her identity she would want to be considered a Chinese Japanese American even though she is not Japanese. She’s actually been immersed in the Japanese American culture ever since being a child especially through J. League.

Random Question
If you were an animal what would it be? “Platapus” she says as silence fell onto our presence for a few seconds and then laughter filled the air as random of a question I asked, I got an even more interesting response. Kristen continues, “Come on who would think of that. It’s just funny saying it.” She enjoys making people laugh with whatever she does or says. It takes the weight off people’s shoulders and she doesn’t mind as there’s just something about laughing that brings people closer together. She’s appreciative of people and for the opportunities to get to know them as people always surprise you she says.

In the Future
She plans take a year off and perhaps travel around the world, become a planner of sorts and go back to school for business.

As a Goodbye
Kristen can’t imagine college without Tomo as she fell in love with it so early. It was never a job to her but a way of life. It was about making the best of what is out there and making it that much more awesome. It was about what a special place Tomo had in her heart and she wanted to share that with the rest of us and the world. Through Tomo she’s learned to balance friends,leadership and growing up and all she hopes is that she has left a lasting impression.

Interesting Facts
Kristen Wong is only one of two female Tomo Presidents in the last decade.
Taro is a boy and Tomoko is a girl.
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2 Responses to TOP 30: KRISTEN WONG

  1. Conan says:

    Oh wow, I’m liking those creatures!

  2. Sam says:

    HAHA YEAH GO KRISTEN!!!!!! WHOOOT. keep it up! 🙂 -love, ur cuz

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