Doris Su
passion’s light
Major English
Age 22
Year 4th
Hometown Irvine, CA
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Doris Su has taken her opportunities to a whole new level as her wide array of involvements include Circle K International, Associated Students of UCI, Middle Earth Housing, Student Parent Orientation Program, Campus Organizations Resource Education, Center for Service in Action, Humanities Out There, and the Office of the Student Regent. She’s dedicated herself fully to each and every aspect with love and care. “Aside from her impressive resume” says Elaine Won, “she is a strong role model for not only Asian American women, but anyone that she has touched, whether it be through her kind and cheerful personality or her exemplary leadership.” Not only does Doris continue to serve her community through these many different facets but she passionately fights for student access and affordability. Her smile, energy and presence no doubt will continue to light up our lives towards a brighter future.

ED: What is your motivation?
DS: My motivation is the understanding that all are never completely, fully aware of the potential that we all carry within ourselves, and that we must constantly work at expelling all of the “can’ts” and “don’ts” that the world tells us in order to see more clearly into our own beauty and strengths. My motivation is seeing people believe in themselves more as they help others, so that while they serve the community, they learn to love themselves more, and as they love themselves more, they serve the community even better. My motivation is realizing and fighting my own internalized stereotypes and prejudices in order to see all of us as equal human beings who are in constant dependence and need of love.

ED: What have you accomplished?

DS: Throughout college, I have had many leadership positions and involvements: Single Service Chair of Circle K, Service Chair of Circle K’s annual District Convention, 1st place winner of the District Convention’s Oratorical Competition, Admin Intern of the Admin Intern Program, Consultant of Campus Organization Resource and Education (CORE), member of the Anteater Awards Committee, attendant at Middle Earth Housing, Secretary of ASUCI’s Legislative Council, high school tutor for Humanities Out There (HOT), Alternative Break Intern at the Center for Service in Action, Chief of Staff for the Office of the Student Regent, SPOP staffer for two summers, and now SPOP Coordinator. And after I graduate at the end of this quarter, I will be taking a year off and then attending Columbia University’s Teachers College to receive a Master of Arts in the Teaching of College in Fall 2011.
Although I can list out all of my involvements, I always consider these as opportunities rather than accomplishments. Especially during this year’s protests at UCLA against the fee increases by the UC Regents, as well as being a participant of this year’s Students of Color Conference, I’ve been humbled at the knowledge that I’ve been able to do so much not because I’m any better than anyone else, but because I have the privilege and luxury to do so. I’m blessed enough to not have to work multiple jobs during college in order to support myself. I’m lucky enough to have grown up in a privilege community that always emphasized the importance of college and how to be successful in a university. Again, these are not accomplishments, but opportunities that I have been blessed enough to be given.

ED: What is your passion?

DS: My passion is becoming more aware of and fighting social injustices. In particular, my biggest passion is fighting stereotypes, prejudices, and oppression focused on racism. This is my passion because above all, I believe in love and that we all deserve to be loved equally. Racism disgusts and disturbs me so much because, in my opinion, it is one of the most hurtful, nonsensical, and inhumane form of hate and biggest stifler of love. My passion is protecting and spreading love through fighting hatred in the name of love.

ED: What have you done for the Asian/Pacific Islander American community?

As an Alternative Break Intern at the Center for Service in Action (CSA), I spent my Spring Break leading a group of 11 to do community service in downtown Los Angeles. The theme: “Asian Americans: Dispelling the Model Minority Myth.” Each day, we worked with a new community service organization that is centered around an Asian culture, fighting social justice, and serving the community. We educated ourselves against many stereotypes placed on Asian Americans that appear to be “positive,” but in reality dehumanize Asian Americans as one certain characteristic. In addition, “positive stereotypes” hide and cover real social injustices that happen in the Asian American community, such as poverty, undereducation, unhealthiness, and crime. During the trip, we discussed our roles as first, second, and third generation students. We shed tears, embraced, and with great difficulty but great joy, embraced and understood our identity as Asian Americans just a bit more.

ED: What do you hope to accomplish?
DS: I hope to empower the Asian American community and identity in America. I hope to help my fellow API peers to embrace their identity as API. I hope to change and dispel racist ideals and actions. These are great and lofty goals, but I will always seek to accomplish those goals, even if it is just one person at a time.. even if it is just starting with me.
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