Scott Yoshimoto

Major Film & Media Studies
Age 21
Year 3rd
Hometown Diamond Bar, CA
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Scott Yoshimoto

uses his passion for video production to highlight the Asian American arts and entertainment community. His work includes music videos, promotional videos as well as most recently his upcoming online musical series titled MY OWN SHOW which will feature not only himself but his amazingly talented friends and individuals. It’ll even include new original music for every episode! His drive continues to push him to learn and create more works to expand his repertoire of skills. To friend Justine Calma, “he is probably one of the most talented people I know and on top of talent, he also works incredibly hard.”

At The Young Age
of 16 Scott founded his very own video production company MOVeMEDIA Productions and since then he has continued to work long and hard to use his means emphasizing on the Asian American community. He works with rising Asian American talent such as AJ Rafael, Cathy Nguyen and Randolph Permejo, Kris Mark in hopes to “push our generation into the mainstream” he says. He follows with “through networking, supporting and working with other rising Asian American talent and friends such as Wong Fu Productions, The Far East Movement, Quest Crew and Ramiele Malubay to name a few, I find this goal of obtaining mainstream well within our grasp.”

He Also Works
through promotional videos that support the community and non-profit organizations such as The Two Brothers Foundation, The Children’s Hunger Fund, Autism Speaks and The American Heart Association. He says, “Rather than wait around for the world to recognize Asian American talent, I use the power of music and video to expose this talent to the world, whether it may be through live appearances, live performances, or the Internet. The way I see it, our generation is the future, why wait to influence it?”

For Our Community
he created and hosted a benefit concert for the American Heart Association along with fellow UC Irvine Asian American talents Joseph Vincent and Kris Mark, held at the UCI Crystal Cove Auditorium to a sold out audience just recently this past January. Not only did it raise a lot of money for heart disease research while exhibiting amazing Asian American artists, Justine who assisted in the event noticed how Scott is ”super particular about details, making sure that nothing can go wrong and that’s probably part of what makes him successful.” He has also participated in Kababayan’s Pilipino Culture Night in the Choir Suite as well as heading the Commercial Suite.

Scott Is Inspired
by everyone he meets because each person brings something new to the table. Since high school, a big influence to him that he definitely gives credit to is Wong Fu Productions as it was the group that got him into video. Music wise he’s always been inspired by his dad, “he’s a ninja” Scott adds. He’s a tax guy by day and a rockstar by night playing the drums while still being able to spend time with his family.

In the Future
Scott sees himself going with the flow wherever it may take him.
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