Justine Calma
building bridges
International Studies and Literary Journalism
Age 22
Year 4th
Hometown Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Justine Calma
Justine Calma has actively dedicated herself towards advocating for the progression of social justice on our campus. She is one of the few Kababayan Presidents that concurrently serve and represent her student body in ASUCI. Friend Jesse Cheng says that, “It is often overlooked, but should be noted, how much rich perspective Justine gives to UCI’s student government. In our campus population of over 1600 Filipino students, making it the second largest API population on-campus, she is one of the few elected students in ASUCI who actively work towards the interests of that particular community. And as a campus organization leader, she brings unique insight to the Legislative Council, and how their legislation and actions will be perceived in the wider student body.” Year after year Justine has passionately worked, bridging our communities together.

On Our Campus
On our campus she has made the Cross-Cultural Center her home away from home. Here at the Cross she has guided Alyansa ng mga Kababayan as Chair as well as most recently acts as Co-President for Kababayan. She has been Kababayan’s Cultural Chair, in the Kultural Dance Troupe and Kabarte for the past three years. She has spent countless hours not only supporting the Filipino student organizations that she holds dear to her heart, she never turns a blind eye to the other Umbrella Organizations on our campus which includes the American Indian Student Association, the Asian Pacific Student Association, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/Chicano de Aztlán and the Black Student Union. Last year she sat on Umbrella Council where current Chair of Umbrella Council, Hui-Ling Malone affirms that Justine “worked to improve the climate for all students and better our University.” Justine also serves as the Humanities Representative on the Legislative Council, Associated Students of UCI.

In Our Community
Besides being a part of Alyansa ng mga Kababayan, Kababayan, Jumpstart, Undergraduate Housing Diversity Task Force and working as a Teacher’s Aid at the UCI Children’s Center, she has worked with Gabriela Network, a Philippine American woman’s organization for their Purple Rose Campaign that brings awareness to the trafficking of Pilipino women and children.

In the future Justine is looking towards graduate school for social work because she believes in advocacy, community work and social justice. These to her are very much so values driven and as Jesse would believe, “Justine is not only issues driven but values driven.”

Best Parts
The best parts about UCI to Justine, is the people you meet. When she first came to UCI, she felt the campus was so large and felt this anonymity while walking around campus. But now through the organizations she’s gotten involved with she feels the warmth of friendly smiles of familiar faces. This is what brightens up her day.

Travelling the World
Justine enjoys travelling the world. She wants to experience all that places can offer, learning about different cultures. Just last year she studied in Cusco, Peru a city that was once the capital of the Incan Empire so it flows with rich history. She also goes to the Philippines once in a while as it was where she was born.
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