Emmeline Domingo
love roots all
Major Literary Journalism and Sociology
Age 20
Year 3rd
Hometown San Diego, CA

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Emmeline Domingo considers herself to be a big nerd that reads a lot and enjoys writing. She enjoys creative non-fiction as it lends freedom for her to use literary devices to get creative about writing about reality. Not only does she utilize this interest through her major but in many different facets of our community. She is currently the Press Secretary of the UC Regents Office thinking of innovative ways to relay information around, the Editor in Chief of INCITE Magazine exercising this alternative media as a source for students on our campus bringing awareness regarding social, political and cultural issues in our community and in relation to the world, a Reaffirming Ethnic Awareness and Community Harmony facilitator where she is able to provide workshops about social injustices as well as a student who has taken the initiative to take part in creating a safe space to talk about pressing issues through the Dispersal of Knowledge. As Diana Phuong would say, “Emmeline stands at the forefront of our up and coming new student leaders. She is conscious about social justice issues and has a great eye for difficult topics and fleshes it out with dialogue. Her friendliness and collaborative mentality helps build those relationships that are important in being a leader!”

Emmeline is passionate about going against the privatization of student fees, understanding different forms of oppression and will be delving deeper into them for the next year. In the future she sees herself working more with other activists and thinking of creative new ideas to get the word out, fostering dialog within our community.

ED: What is your motivation?
EmD: I think everything I do within the community stems from my love of learning, and as awfully cliché as it sounds, my love for people, and the need to create a better world. Once I learned about the realities of inequality and oppression, I didn’t see any other alternative but to work to change these realities by grasping them at the roots. I try to do this is through learning and community building. I emphasize learning because until the roots of oppression are completely exposed and identified, I don’t think it’s possible to destroy them in a way to ensure that they’ll never grow back. So along with other people who share this radical (getting at the roots) perspective, I work to share what I’ve learned in an attempt to spread awareness, with the hope of inciting activism. This is obviously a political project where different approaches can be taken. This project, of working through radical and ethical politics to end systems of oppression, needs to be fulfilled not only through physical protest, but through having dialogue, creating art, writing and even reading critically. Different approaches appeal to different people, I try to take part all of these in order to reach as many people as possible.

ED: What have you accomplished?
EmD: I think my biggest accomplishment this year was helping my friends, fellow activists, to create a space at UCI for people to come together, learn, have dialogue, and engage in political work. This is Dispersal of Knowledge. I’ve also helped to provide people with information about the current funding crises within the UC through my position as Press Secretary in the Student Regent Office. Within the office I maintain the Student Regent blog where we post this information to bring attention to student issues. I’ve also tried to do this with INCITE Magazine, which I try to promote as a publication for students to voice their concerns through writing. Academically, my biggest accomplishments this year include completing an honors thesis in Sociology, and receiving the Aldrich Award. However, one of my most important accomplishments this year is a personal one, I’ve gotten involved in a community where I’ve met amazing people and made great friendships.

ED: What have you done for the Asian/Pacific Islander American community?
EmD: I hope that I’ve at least been a good representative of the API community through my broader involvements. I also hope that in my efforts to reach out, that I’ve helped to promote awareness and activism within the API community.

ED: What do you hope to accomplish?
EmD: At UCI, I hope to help create a more conscious campus community where efforts to be more ethical in everyday interactions go behind the walls of the university.
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