Jennifer Chung
some pop for your soul
Major Drama
Age 20
Year 3rd
Hometown Millbrae, CA
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Jennifer Chung is gifted with an amazing voice and she’s here to share it with the world. This young woman is driven, ambitious, and most of all as humble as it gets. Her positive outlook on life can brighten up anyone’s day as she is a bundle of joy. Friend Vincent Ngo could not contain his excitement as he proclaims,”Jennifer Chung is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I’m saying this without exaggeration. You can tell by the way she talks to you, the way she acts, the way she moves, the way she SINGS, that she considers herself blessed and wants to do the same for others.” As everyone can see, Jennifer is a passionate individual spreading her love and passion around our campus, community, and around the world.

In the past three years at the University of California, Irvine, she has rocked it out as an Anteater. She’s been part of the Student Parent Orientation Program as a staffer, Modern Completely Insane Anteaters dance team as a dancer, Student Housing as an Advisor, Claire Trevor School of the Arts assisting as an Arts Peer Academic Advisor, supporting as many campus organizations as possible and still having time to go to church. She’s always down for a good cause as she also sings and performs at campus events most recently at Care-a-thon and Wayzgoose. Finally, academically speaking, she has finished school early and is ready to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. Over the summer she’ll be studying abroad in Paris, France but don’t worry, after that she’ll be staying down here in southern California to focus on her singing.

Jennifer no doubt is a YouTube sensation as she is one of the most subscribed musicians on YouTube ranking at #65. In 2007 she started recording songs and releasing them online in the summer from transitioning from high school to college as her friends nudged her to share her talent with the rest of the online community. She does amazing renditions of songs that hold a special place in her heart while collaborating with friends whether they’re playing a guitar, a violin, or harmonizing together. More recently she’s been dedicating herself towards writing her own covers and hopes all will continue in support.

The support from friends, family, and people half way across the world continues to motivate her to pursue her dreams. Just a bit ago she grasped onto the opportunity to perform at an amazing gig, International Secret Agents in 2008 that showcased Asian American artists. Through it all Jennifer is “someone who lives not for herself but for her friends, family members, and God” say’s an anonymous tipper. Jennifer is inspired by everyone she is able to meet but even more so, people who practices their passion to make perfect really has her going beyond.

Her family is the most important aspects of her life in pursuing the arts and will always continue to give them the all love and care she can offer.

Ending with a thought from Vincent Ngo, “Anybody who goes on YouTube can tell you what an amazing singer this girl is, and to have her choose to come to UCI? Man, that’s one of the luckiest things to ever happen here! I’m lucky to be able to call her a friend, and UCI is definitely lucky to be able to call her a current student. This girl? She’s ALREADY doing big things, and they’ll just keep on getting bigger!”
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