Vincent Ngo, Top 30, Top 30 Most Unfluential Asian Americans at UCI
Vincent Ngo
Vincent Ngo, Top 30, Top 30 Most Influential Asian Americans at UCI
Vincent Ngo
Hungry For Action
The Action of Giving That Is
Major: Biological Sciences
Year: 4th
Age: 22
Hometown: My Tho, Vietnam
Find Vincent On: Facebook

Vincent believes in three simple rules to live by: live life to the fullest, be happy while doing it and help as many people along the way. He has kept true to his rules and has impacted UCI through his journey.

Although he’s mostly known for building Bboys Anonymous to what it is now, he has contributed to our campus in many different facets. He’s an instructor at the ARC, a SPOP staffer, a computer store worker, a student researcher in bacteria and most of all a genuine friend that supports his community.

Friend Ben Lee notes, “Vincent Ngo has helped to change the way that people think about the Bboying community at UCI. However, it’s his outgoing personality and intelligence that makes me think he will only move on to doing bigger and better things in his life. His influence in the UCI dancing scene is apparent in the way that the professional hip hop teams have raised their level of performance knowing that a mostly ‘for fun’ club is performing at their level.” Vincent’s impact on UCI reminds us that a caring heart goes a long way. A good pal even mentions that Vincent sometimes cares so much about his friends that he forgets about himself.

Vincent feels blessed to have met so many great people and to have had the opportunity to have a college experience all his own. He says that he is lucky to have gotten the positions he has and “all the memories I’ve made are icing on the cake.”

He’s known for making Bboys Anonymous a household name through the leadership he has structured for the organization. Vincent sincerely states, “I’m blessed to have been able to follow my passion while at the same time facilitating an organization that helps to foster other peoples’ passions as well.” Starting as an active member, then crewmate and now the president for two years, he has helped the community foster a new environment where dancers can improve their skills, provide performances year-round and educate UCI more about the dance.

You can also spot Vincent at the ARC where he’s a breakdance instructor. Although he realized his passion for “BBoying relatively late by BBoy standards” he says, it was just in time for him to give back to his community through teaching classes. “I’ve seen countless students from my classes grow and take the dance into their own lives; this is one of the highlights of my time at UCI and as a BBoy!”

Vincent is a first generation Asian American and everyday he is grateful for what his parents have provided for him. He prides himself in representing his parents and through the morals they have instilled in him, he is a thorough believer in Asian American empowerment.

In the future he hopes to continue giving back to his community while keeping his love for dance.
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One Response to TOP 30: VINCENT NGO

  1. Reezy says:

    EASILY a character to instantly admire. Talk about a good guy! Way to go Vince, keep doing all the positive things you’re involved in! You’re a great role model for all the young anteaters and anyone who meets you.

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