Huiling Malone, Top 30, Top 30 Most Influential Asian Americans at UCI
Hui-Ling Malone, Top 30, Top 30 Most Influential Asian Americans at UCI
Huiling Malone, Top 30, Top 30 Most Influential Asian Americans at UCI
Hui-Ling Malone
For Us All
Year: 3rd
Age: 21
Major: International Studies
Minor: Education
Hometown: Davis, CA
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Hui-Ling Malone is one of the strongest leaders on our campus striving for change, taking a solid stance in what she believes in. She works with all communities and helps facilitate conversations about social justice and equality. Just this past year she not only chaired Umbrella Council at the Cross-Cultural Center that consists the umbrella organizations of Alyansa ng mga Kababayan, American Indian Student Association, Asian Pacific Student Association, Black Student Union and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, she dedicates herself to creating an environment to bring together students who share an interest in the study of African American history and culture as a Housing Assistant to the Rosa Parks House in Arroyo Vista. As a close friend mentions,”Even in high school, she was active in her community. At UCI, she continues to facilitate student leaders in achieving their goals, and she serves as a role model for all of us.” Hui-Ling is a passionate individual with amazing perseverance and determination taking her wherever her heart sets out to be.

ED: What is your motivation?
HM: I think my motivation for social justice comes from the inequality that still exists in this world. In this increasingly globalized society there are still people around the world that do not have enough to eat and little access to clean water. On the other hand you have others living in luxury that have access to too much and who are wasteful of resources. Furthermore, people are still being racially profiled by law enforcement and go receive the worst education because they don’t have money. I feel that being conscious of what others don’t have keeps me going to do what I can to help others.

ED: What have you accomplished?
HM: I was an intern for the Afrikan Student Union my freshman year and a representative for the MLK Jr. Symposium planning community. As a sophomore I chaired ASU and served on Umbrella Council. Through these positions I raised awareness on issues such as the Oscar Grant trial and other issues of social justice. Currently I am Chair of Umbrella Council, and I would say my biggest accomplishment is making our goal of having an Outreach and Retention Center on campus a reality, with the help of the Council of course.

ED: What is your passion?
HM: Social justice, advocacy and outreaching to high school students.

ED: What have you done for the Asian American/Pacific Islander community?
HM: As Chair of Umbrella Council I have worked with the leaders of APSA to gain API representation in ASUCI, preserving ethnic studies (including Asian Am) and working to get an Outreach and Retention center that will help fund outreach groups such as PUSO and CA’s outreach program.

ED: What do you hope to accomplish?
HM: I just want to someday be in a position where I have the power to make real change and help the most underserved and deserving. I want to make structural changes in this society where it’s not just the rich and privileged that get ahead.
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One Response to TOP 30: HUI-LING MALONE

  1. Reezy says:

    Hui Ling is definitely a champion in the making and has done so many positive things on campus. She’s only starting, though, I’m sure. There are greater victories ahead for this young lady and I admire her for all her work to better the social climate/situation for the “underserved and deserving” (WONDERFUL WAY TO PUT IT!) and great qualities. What a leader!

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