Eric Max Wang
Eric Max Wang
Eric Max Wang
Eric Max Wang
Feasting on Giving
Major: Economics
Minors: Biological Science & Education
Year: 4th
Age: 22
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Eric Max Wang is one of the most humble leaders on the UCI campus. Someday he hopes to be a pediatric dentist making dentistry a fun experience for everyone. He has dedicated his time to help others in all different facets. His journey began with working in Americorp’s Jumpstart where he felt engaged with the younger generation. Since then he has kept the passion for giving and finally in his last year he dedicated his efforts to lead the American Student Dental Association. A member of ASDA shares that ”Eric works very hard to help us with anything that we need, from dental school questions to questions regarding school. If he does not know the answers, he will go and find them. He has transformed ASDA from a boring, ineffective, dying club (from last year) into a thriving, interesting and extremely helpful organization (this year). Not only does he strive to help others, but he does it with such joy and willingness that it’s inspirational. He isn’t just the President of ASDA, he is someone that truly cares about his peers and the betterment of the UCI community.”

ED: What is your motivation?
EMW: My personal motivation will always be my desire to help others because of my upbringing. My motivation behind ASDA was the result of having many questions about dentistry, but having no one to help answer those questions. After realizing that many students had the same questions and nowhere to turn to, I felt it necessary to create a comfortable environment for the pre-dental community to gather. My amazing board members and I took it upon ourselves to find the answers and provide new opportunities for UC Irvine’s aspiring dental health professionals.

ED: What have you accomplished?
EMW: With the hard work of my board, ASDA has experienced significant increases in membership, meeting attendance, and networking opportunities. We have provided multiple internship and volunteer opportunities for our members. Field trips to dental schools in the Southern California region have created networking possibilities with admissions boards. ASDA’s constant focus resides in providing the information and opportunities to help the pre-dental community succeed.
During my four year stay at UCI, I have had the honor of being involved in incredible programs and working with wonderful people. I have served a year in Americorp’s Jumpstart, interned at a private dental practice in Tustin, worked for UCI’s Center for Educational Partnerships as a resident teaching advisor in multiple summer programs, completed the Dean of Students Leadership series, helped lead ASDA to newfound success and assisted in research at the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.

ED: What is your passion?
EMW: My passion is giving back to the community that has given so much to me. The strength and opportunities given to me by my community allow me to be where I am today. I am truly grateful and wish to see others succeed. I hope that my actions encourage others to give back to their communities as well.
I’m also a HUGE foodie… I LOVE to eat. I enjoy eating all sorts of food and trying out new recipes at home. I’m still on a quest to find the BEST banana cream pie in Southern California!! (if you know of a place, contact me ;D)

ED: What have you done for the Asian American/Pacific Islander community?
EMW: My time with Americorp’s Jumpstart and UCI’s Center for Educational Partnerships has shown me the devastating negativity faced by minorities in society. I serve as an Asian American leader in the community that takes great pride in my Chinese heritage and culture. I strive to challenge the stereotypes that Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders face in society with the hopes of creating more opportunities and tolerance for future generations.

ED: What do you hope to accomplish?
EMW: I hope to continue providing the information and opportunities that will help others succeed during their stay at UCI. Through my actions, I hope to instill a sense of civic duty and propensity to help others that is born from the true desire to help out.
In my career, I aspire to attend dental school and become a great pediatric dentist. I wish to dispel the negative image of dentistry and make it a fun, exciting experience for everyone!
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