Grace Young
Grace Young
Grace Young

Grace Young
A Change of Pace
Year: 4th
Age: 21
Major: Asian American Studies, English
Hometown: San Gabriel, CA
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Grace Young is always ready to jump into something new, exciting and fun that redefines hers. Enjoying the change of pace she has devoted her time to the Asian Pacific Student Association, studied abroad in South Africa and for the next year she’ll be in Atlanta as an English Language Arts teacher for Teach for America. She has left an impact at the UCI community and hopes she has given a new perspective. A friend explains that “Grace is willing to help other students by being encouraging. She’s supportive and gives advice from her previous experiences so that others can reach their goals. Her hard work, success, ambition, and positive energy are influential.”

ED: What is your motivation?

GY: I think that my motivation is that there will never be enough. I think that there is something truly beautiful in the struggle because nothing will ever be good enough. My motivation is hearing my mom’s voice talk in Taiwanese. My motivation is laughing with people. My motivation is really to go to sleep every night knowing that I was a hundred thousand kabizillion percent true to myself and that somewhere somehow, something is better.

ED: What have you accomplished?

GY: Absolutely nothing. That is what I always say. If I was to stop and quantify anything I’d be living in some climber desperate attempt for acknowledgment. I’d rather keep doing me and maybe one day look back and eat some really wonderful bittersweet chocolate dessert and water.

ED: What is your passion?

GY: I am passionate about a lot. I am passionate about food. I am passionate about all black everything clothing. I am passionate about militant resistance. I am passionate against child molestation. I am passionate about social justice and equity. I am passionate about my family (above all). I am passionate about this Jesus I know is real that defies norms. I am passionate about fighting Islamaphobia. I am passionate about French Bulldogs. I am passionate about busting fucked up systems of power. I am passionate about self love and self recognition. I am passionate about writing. I am passionate about talking. I think I am an extra person that exudes passion. Or maybe I am totally self absorbed, in which case the only answer is that I am passionate about doing me which would translate to all the above and more.

ED: What have you done for the Asian American/Pacific Islander community?

GY: I don’t know. I wonder if I have ever done anything. But now I know one thing that I do. I am the first Asian American that maybe 600 young black youth in Atlanta have ever interacted with and I am their English Language Arts teacher. That does not do nails for anyone but herself.

ED: What do you hope to accomplish?

GY: Essentially, I want to never get burnt out again. I want to wake up every morning and feel ready for the world. I want to go to sleep every night knowing that things are getting better. I want to wake up every morning and feel like the struggle continues. I want to sleep at night and believe that the struggle will one day be a celebration. Also, I want a French Bulldog.
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