Jesse Cheng
Jesse Cheng
Jesse Cheng
Jesse Cheng
Year: 4th
Age: 22
Major: Asian American Studies
Minors: African American Studies, Education
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Work Hard Play Hard
Jesse Cheng is one of the most amazing student advocates of this decade. His passion for justice gets stronger every day and there is no doubt he will be up in the forefront of leadership in the years to come. Jesse Cheng has participated in all facets of community involvement and there is nothing that can stop him to reach beyond the imaginable. He is now the voice of the students to the University of California Regents and he lives to fight for the rights of the students he serves.
Before he became the University of California Student Regent, he has been a Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator, Cross-Cultural Center Administrative Intern, Asian Pacific Student Association Co-Chair, ASUCI Executive Vice President, Student Fee Advisory Committee Chair, Legislative Council School of Humanities Representative, Arroyo Vista Community Programmer, SPOP Staffer and many other leadership roles on the Irvine campus.
Despite being so involved on campus and bouncing from UC to UC for meetings, he still has time for friends. Christy Loo mentions “Jesse is one of those few people on the campus of UCI who have inspired many, including myself, to get more involved on campus. Through his own actions and words I have been able to see the importance of campus wide unity and support.” He has not only inspired individuals on our campus but has gone beyond. To Henry Wang, “His influence has reached a whole new level as he fights for student interests at the state level. Jesse is truly an inspiration.”
Where does Jesse Cheng see himself in the near future? He has applied to Teach For America as well as law school. Most of all, he is an vision to students all over the United States. Elaine Won couldn’t put it any better,” Jesse Cheng is an incredibly inspiring advocate and all-around amazing student, leader, mentor, and peer. Despite having so much to handle in terms of load and responsibility, he keeps his morale and determination high and never shows defeat in front of the people who depend and look up to him. Even when he is at his own low, he does not fail to bring others up when they are down. He is the embodiment of what every student leader strives to be and UC Irvine is extremely lucky to have such a unique and passionate individual on campus.”
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Photograph by Melly Lee
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