Breaking News: Noose Message found on UC Davis Campus

posted by "M" in comments below

This morning at the annual Students of Color Conference (SOCC) a discriminatory, derogatory, and disappointing message was found on a tree of the UC Davis campus. The message was written on a yellow ribbon tied to a tree. The yellow ribbon was amongst many placed on trees throughout the campus in support and remembrance of Veteran’s day. The message read: “Use me as a noose.”

This hate crime brings back unfortunate actions and sentiments of the past when a noose was found in the library of UC San Diego in 2010. It is representative of the hate and bigotry still present across our UC campus climate and is a most unfortunate situation coinciding with the occurrence of a progressive and peaceful conference where students across UC gather annually to combat such discrimination and hate.

A picture of the ribbon to follow soon.

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7 Responses to Breaking News: Noose Message found on UC Davis Campus

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  2. Sarah M. Hernández says:

    it actually said “USE ME AS A NOOSE”
    there are pictures on many of the sockey’s fb pages

  3. alia says:

    I don’t think it should necessarily be assumed that the message was intended to be racist. With the context of it being on a yellow ribbon, it could instead be anti-military.

    Although, either way it is dehumanizing a group.

  4. Vero says:

    The ribbon read: “Use me as a noose”

  5. Justin Cox says:

    I’m the editor of I just put together this story. Will continue reporting.

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