A Letter From Jessica Phan, Candidate for ASUCI VP of Student Services

Hello APSA!!!

Thanks again for your endorsement, I will work hard for you to make next year one of the most memorable years you will ever have at UCI. Here is tiny reminder about my platform:

As this year’s current ASUCI Club Outreach Commissioner, I understand the inner and outer workings of making an organization successful. One of my goals for next year is to build stronger relationships with organizations.

There are many resources that ASUCI has to offer for all organizations to use and my main goal is to make those resources, as well as ASUCI, transparent. In the past, many Vice Presidents have promised transparency, but they have failed to follow through. Being apart of the ASUCI Executive Vice President’s office my sophomore year, has helped me understand that change is a gradual process. My goal is to create a strong foundation for the future generations of Vice Presidents to work off on and implement the change.  In addition, I want to increase the quality of UCI events while guaranteeing that there will be no excess financial burden to the students by looking for more off campus sponsors. I would like to highlight quality over quantity by expanding on programs such as Welcome Week, Shocktoberfest, Soulstice, Wayzgoose, Reggaefest and Breaking the World Record.  Also I plan to work with other ASUCI branches to create events that are both entertaining and educational to help raise awareness about current issue that the university faces. ASUCI is an organization that serves the student body and I believe that increased accessibility is essential.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call me or email me back. Thank you for your time and I wish the best for your organization.



Jessica Phan


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